And on the ninth day, SooMan created the eight deadliest sins named Girls' Generation whose body figures are much more defined than your sexuality.
. 少女時代
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"I’m the type that gains happiness from little things. For example, I’m the type that feels like she’s got the world just after eating something good. Gaining a greater happiness after finding small happiness like this. That’s my life goal." 

happy birthday, jung sooyeon! ♡  [041889]

4/100 kim taeyeon gifs → girls generation first japan tour

❝Don’t trend my birthday on facebook, twitter, weibo, etc. Just keep praying for the victims. That’s my wish!❞


{ h y o y e o n  +  y e l l o w } requested by anonymous

24 / 1000 airport soshi

sehun’s cute answer (๑>ᴗ<๑)

happy birthday to jung soo-yeon